Policy Audit

At ARI, we have found over the years of working exclusively with restoration contractors that the majority of them have been grossly misclassified on their insurance policies. This usually leads to either overpaying on their premiums or missing vital insurance coverages.

For this reason, we have put together a FREE comprehensive insurance review to determine whether or not your company has the right coverages, policies, and isn’t overpaying on its premiums.

What does an insurance review entail?

Within this review we will provide an in-depth audit of current policies, premiums, coverages, and exclusions, enabling us to discover any hidden exposures within your policies.

What will we review?

In addition to your general liability and pollution liability policies, we will also review your coverage for property, tools, equipment, workers compensation, and commercial autos.

What do you need to provide for us to perform the audit?

We prefer to collect copies of all existing policies, endorsements, limitations, and exclusions. This will allow us to develop a comprehensive picture of the coverage you have and the areas where there may be some risk.

What do I receive once the review is complete?

After we review your insurance program, we will provide you with a fully-detailed review, including both a written and illustrative summary.