Restoration Insurance

What is a certificate of insurance?

What is a ‘Certificate Of Insurance ‘ A certificate of insurance is a document issued by an insurance company/broker that is used to verify […]

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Restoration Insurance: Umbrella Insurance

One of the questions we often receive is whether or not a restoration contractor should purchase an umbrella policy for additional limits of insurance.  […]

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Insurance Certificate: Primary and Non-contributory Wording

Construction contracts often require a subcontractor’s general liability insurance policy to name the owner or general contractor as an additional insured on a “primary […]

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Restoration Insurance: Crime Insurance – Phantom Vendor

Last week we showed how susceptible small businesses are to employee-related crimes like theft and forgery.  With an average loss amount of over $200,000, […]

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Restoration Insurance: Insuring your Tools

Tools and Equipment Coverage, also know as Inland Marine Insurance, is intended to protect property while in transit. Inland Marine protects mobile high risk […]

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