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What is Debris Removal Coverage?

One of the questions we receive in regards to insurance is about a coverage that isn’t usually purchased by restoration contractors, but it can have a dramatic effect on insurance-related jobs is debris removal coverage.

Debris removal coverage is just that, coverage provided by the insurance company to remove debris for covered claims. While most insurance policies will include the cost of debris removal in the limit of insurance (which is fine for partial losses), problems can arise with this coverage when an entire building is destroyed or an insurance policy carries a debris removal sublimit.

It’s important to find out what the limit is for debris removal because, depending upon the location of the claim the cost to remove the debris can be more expensive than the actual reparations on the building (i.e. a downtown building where work can only be completed on nights and weekends).

This is why we recommend working closely with building/property owner and the claims adjuster for these types of issues. It will help you avoid any confusion, stress, and headaches on who is paying what amount to remove debris.



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