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Restoration Claim Scenario: Fall Prevention

A restoration contractor experienced two separate falls from heights within the last year incurring a total of $130,000 in losses. While performing roof repair work on a residential home, a 30 year old male, fell 18 feet sustaining several injuries to his knee, back, thigh and hip when descending from a 24 foot ladder. A second individual fell off of the roof of a home suffering extensive injuries his first week on the job. He fractured four vertebrae, his right elbow and tailbone. A broken screw on the scaffolding gave way causing the claimant to lose his balance and fall 25 feet. The supervisor was not present on either occasion.

Fall prevention includes inspecting equipment before each use; the scaffolding with the broken screw and the ladder before every use. Prior to that, performing safety training is an important part of an organization's safety program. It is important to have formal guidelines in place with comprehensive safety standards.

Furthermore, in the event of an incident, the accident should be fully investigated and corrective action taken to prevent these conditions or behaviors from happening again. It is important to set a good example by requiring safety practices and training from a supervisor or manager. An organization should require personal protective equipment which includes fall protection equipment when working at heights.

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