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House Passes $50.5 Billion In Sandy Relief Aid

The House of Representatives just approved an additional $50.5 billion in federal disaster aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The aid has been approved in two parts — $17 billion in immediate funds to cover urgent relief needs and another $33.5 billion in longer-term reconstruction funds.

This vote follows the January 4 passage of an initial $9.7 billion to keep the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) solvent and pay homeowners flood claims from Sandy.

This is a great relief to both damaged homeowners and restoration contractors currently assisting in the cleanup efforts. For many parts of New Jersey and New York, the relief aid was critical to their ongoing recovery effort. In a written statement by U.S Rep. Chris Smith, “The Jersey Shore needs to be open for business by or near Memorial Day, or else many will suffer economic hardships, including losing their jobs and business.”



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