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Restoration Insurance News: OSHA Announces Intiative to Keep Temporary Workers Safe

Many of our restoration contractor client use temporary workers. With the ebb and flow of work, it can be very difficult to keep a steady staff on hand all of the time.

With 14 temporary workers dying this year on their first day on the job, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced an initiative to protect temporary workers from workplace hazards.

In fact, OSHA has advised all of its regional administrators and field inspectors to specifically look for companies using temporary employees and asses the compliance with safety codes.

Additionally, the field safety inspectors will be reviewing whether temporary workers have received their required training in a language and vocabulary they understand. For those failing to comply with the safety requirements OSHA will be handing out citations.

Do Temporary Workers Affect My Workers Compensation?

Many of our restoration contractor clients will also ask us how temporary workers affect their workers compensation premium and policy as well. Temporary workers are viewed the same way as your regular full-time employees and their payroll will be included in the audit.

What if I issue 1099s to the temporary workers in place of W-2s?

Even if you issue your temporary workers a 1099 in place of a W-2 they will still be included on your workers compensation policy and you will be charged premium for the amount they were paid. The only way you can avoid adding them to your workers compensation policy is to have the temporary workers provide you with proof of their own workers compensation policy.

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