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Restoration Insurance: Project-Specific Environmental Policy

We are often approached by restoration contractors considering a 12-month insurance policy specific to a project rather than purchasing an annual policy. In almost every case, the restoration contractor is required to carry the coverage for a project and is considering their cheapest available option.

What most restoration contractors don’t realize is that once the policy expires there will not be any completed operation coverage should a claim arise. Instead, to obtain the coverage, the contractor must renew the policy for another 12 months. In almost all cases, by the time the restoration contractor is done renewing the policies, he could have insured the entire business for a year for less money than the premium associated with that single job.

In most cases, restoration contractors should purchase annual policies (when available) instead of insuring specific projects. If your firm is considering purchasing a project specific policy for a specific project, please contact our office to find out exactly what your options are.

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