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Restoration Claim Scenario: Ladder Safety

From time to time we like to share claim scenarios we encounter in hopes that by sharing the information it will help protection your restoration company from a similar type claim.

The Claim: A 54 year old, 250 pound restoration worker was working on a ladder measuring a piece of duct work. While he was 9 feet up, a rivet broke and the ladder twisted causing him to fall on his co-worker who was attempting to steady the ladder.

Both sustained serious injuries with one employee fracturing both legs and left confined to a wheelchair and daily assistance. The employee also suffers loss of cell growth resulting in amputation to one leg as well as a knee replacement to the other.

Aside from the extensive pain and suffering endured by both injured workers, this claim has reached over $500,000 in costs.

Lesson: Before each use, inspect laddersfor cracked or broken parts such as rungs, steps, side rails, feet and locking components.

  • Do not apply more weight on the ladder than it is designed to support.

  • Rungs shall be capable of supporting a single concentrated load of 250 pounds applied in the middle of

  • the step or rung.

  • Rungs must be so shaped thatan employee’s foot cannot slide off and must be slide resistant.

  • The area around the top andbottom of ladder must be kept clear.

  • When ascending or descending a ladder, the user shall face the ladder.

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