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Who is covered on a restoration contractor general liability policy?

One of the common questions regarding general liability insurance for restoration contractors is who is covered on the policy. Under the standard public liability policy, there are two main types of insureds: named insureds and additional insureds.

Named insureds are named in the declarations pages of the policy or defined as insured within the procedure itself.

Additional insureds are companies or individuals not named on the policy's declarations page but are afforded coverage under the policy by endorsement.

Named Insured:

This post will talk about the primary named insureds concerning the type of business or organization you have. In the next post, we will discuss the different types of individual insureds included in your policy. The standard general liability policy defines an insured as the following:

  • An individual, you and your spouse, but only concerning a business's conduct, you are the sole owner.

  • In a partnership or joint venture, you are insured. Your members, partners, and spouses are also insureds, but only concerning your business's conduct.

  • A limited liability company, you are insured. Your members are also insureds, but only concerning the conduct of your business. Your managers are insureds, but only relating to their duties as your managers.

  • An organization is other than a partnership, joint venture, or limited liability company you are an insured. Your "executive officers: and directors are insureds, but only concerning their duties as your officers or directors. Your stockholders are also insureds, but only relating to their liability as stockholders.

  • A trust, you are insured. Your trustees are also insureds, but only concerning their duties as trustees.

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