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Preparing Your Restoration Company Against Potential Disasters

As restoration contractors, you typically work with people right after they have experienced some sort of disaster. You see firsthand the toll it can take on individuals as they try and put their homes or business back together. However, in our experience of working with restoration contractors, we have found that many are still quite unprepared to deal with their disaster.

With that in mind, the following 10 items are the top things we recommend any company do to ensure your properly prepared for a disaster:

1. Emergency Company Contact List. Keep an updated phone list of your employees, the building owner, facility manager, computer and equipment specialists, customers, vendors and any others whom you may need to contact. This list should be kept on a portable hard drive away from your business premises.

2. Phone System. If you phones are down, customers and employees cannot contact you. Make sure you can access your phone system from an off-site location. Provide call forwarding so customers and employees can contact your business.

3. Computer Back Up. Are your business data and records backed up and safe? Schedule daily backups of all important electronic data. Set up off-site storage for all important data. Consider investing in cloud-based software.

4. Company Inventory. Take inventory of all your company's assets. Make an inventory list with photos of equipment, furniture, computers and vehicles. Keep a list of the costs and receipts when possible.

5. Stock/Supplies/Cash. Do you have enough stock or supplies to keep you going if your suppliers or resources are interrupted for a time? Consider stocking up on items you know you will be in need of. Make sure that you have emergency cash or credit available to handle any financial needs.

6. Business Insurance. Review your policy. Besides covering the physical assets of the company, ensure you have enough business interruption insurance to cover any losses.

7. Consider Off-site Work Locations. What if your business is closed because it is badly damaged or you cannot get to your business if the streets are closed? Explore having an alternative work location available before something happens.

8. Employee Needs. Have your employees contact their families and make sure they are safe and taken care of. This will give your employees peace of mind so they can focus on running your business.

9. Good Communication. Stay in contact with your employees, customers, vendors, insurance companies and key people who are important to your business success.

10. Emergency Response Contacts. After the disaster, have a pre-determined list of emergency agencies such as the police, fire department, Red Cross and local hospitals.

As an agency that specializes in restoration contractors, we have helped many companies put together disaster plans more specific to their company. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your restoration company with its disaster plans, please contact our office to find out more.

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