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Restoration Insurance: Site Pollution Liability

Pollution-related insurance claims can be some of the most expensive a restoration contractor can face. The problem is that pollution is often hidden and occurs gradually over time, causing catastrophic consequences - damaged properties, lost income, and ruined reputations. Additionally, with ever-increasing fines and regulations, the state and federal impact can destroy a business.

Site Pollution Liability

Site pollution liability insurance is designed to protect restoration contractors from the following types of exposures:

  1. Air Exposures - Dust and fumes, emissions, paint overspray, and more

  2. Surface Water Exposure - Spills and runoff, waste-water discharge, pollution contamination, and more

  3. Ground Water and Soil Exposures - Underground pipe leakage, above- or underground leakage from containers, and more

General liability insurance does not provide the coverage necessary to protect your company from pollution risks, which is why it is necessary your restoration company consider site pollution liability as part of its overall strategy against any pollution-related claims.

Site pollution liability will protect your business' assets from unforeseen environmental exposures that may lead to bodily injury, property damage or pollution clean-up costs.

To find out more about how site pollution liability can affect your restoration company and the necessity to purchase the coverage, please feel free to contact our office.

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