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Restoration Insurance: Tips to Save on Auto Insurance Premiums

Commercial auto insurance is a significant expense for any restoration contractor, so finding ways to reduce the cost of commercial auto insurance can provide immediate savings.

Tips to Save Money on Commercial Auto Insurance

Besides qualifying for commercial auto discounts, there are other ways you can keep your commercial auto insurance costs down. Choose the options that fit your business’ needs and your commercial auto insurance budget.

  • Increase Your Commercial Auto Insurance Deductibles – If you choose higher commercial auto insurance deductibles, you’ll pay less for your commercial insurance. Be sure you choose a commercial auto insurance deductible that you can afford to pay out of pocket at any time in case you get into an accident.

  • Pay Your Insurance In Full – By paying your entire commercial auto insurance premium upfront, you’ll save up to 15 percent with a Paid-in-Full discount.

  • Pay By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Choose one of our EFT payment plans if you’d rather not pay your commercial auto insurance premium in full.

  • Institute a Safe Driving Plan – An employee safe-driving plan can significantly affect both claims and your insurance premiums.

  • Evaluate Employee MVRs – By evaluating employee MVRs, you can keep your safest drivers behind the wheel.

  • Keep Vehicles in a Locked Yard – You can avoid theft and other similar claims by keeping your vehicles in a locked yard at night.


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