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Restoration Insurance Tips: What is Pollution Insurance?

For any restoration contractor, pollution insurance is a big deal. Most general liability insurance policies exclude any pollution-related insurance claims, so the only way they can get the coverage is through a pollution insurance policy.

Pollution claims can stem from mold issues, soil contamination, chemical spills, pipeline ruptures, and fuel leakage. Pollution claims are a unique challenge because, while some pollution incidents may be immediately apparent, most occur slowly and undiscovered for an extended period. One uncovered pollution claim for restoration contractors could cost the company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Pollution Insurance

Pollution insurance provides coverage for pollution-related claims to which a restoration contractor is negligent. It can include coverage for operations performed by or even on behalf of the insured. A standard policy usually provides coverage for procedures away from the insured's premises. Some policies will provide coverage for the temporary storage of contaminants on your property, coverage for the unloading and loading of vehicles at job sites, and even over the road pollution coverage.

What is Pollution Insurance Policy Right for Me?

Every pollution insurance policy is different. Every carrier has its unique coverage inclusions and exclusions, so you must work with an expert who can show multiple quotes' positive and negative aspects. A pollution insurance policy that works for one restoration contractor may not work for another.

How Much Does a Pollution Insurance Policy Cost?

Pollution insurance premiums vary wildly for restoration contractors as they are based heavily upon the company's type of operations. If you are interested in receiving a pollution insurance quote for your business, please feel free to contact our office.



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