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Restoration Insurance: What is Business Income Insurance?

Suppose one of your restoration company’s employees were to hit somebody while driving a bobcat or bulldozer. Do you know if the claim would be covered by general liability or your commercial auto policy?

We have found that many of our clients are unsure of where to find the liability coverage for large pieces of equipment that are typically designed to be driven on the road. So we want to use this post to shed some light on what insurance companies feel is commercial auto and what is covered by the general liability policy.

The general liability policy provides for “mobile equipment.” Mobile equipment as defined in a standard general liability policy consists of the following:

First, let’s look at what is not mobile equipment. This will belong to your BAP. The first category is classified as autos. This includes:

  • Bulldozers, forklifts, and other equipment designed primarily for use off public roads, including vehicles on crawler treads.

  • Vehicles are used primarily to give mobility to loaders, diggers, air compressors, and similar equipment.

  • Vehicles that are self-propelled or not self-propelled. Not self-propelled could be a trailer.

For any of the items described above, an accident where your company is liable will be covered by the general liability policy.

Any “auto” claim will not be covered by the general liability policy but rather a commercial auto policy. An “auto” as defined by a standard procedure as the following:

  • Self-propelled vehicles with permanently attached equipment are designed primarily for snow removal, street cleaning, or road maintenance other than construction or resurfacing.

  • Cherry pickers and similar devices are mounted on an auto or a truck chassis.

  • Air compressors, pumps, generators, welding units, building cleaning units, and other similar items.

If you have any additional questions about what is covered by your auto policy and your general liability policy, please feel free to give our office a call.


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