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How to Reduce Workers Compensation Fraud

One of the things that can quickly cause your workers compensation premiums to skyrocket is fraud. It's extremely important that as a restoration contractor you know which signs to look for to prevent potential workers compensation fraud. The following list lays out our top ten tips to prevent potential workers compensation fraud:

1. After an accident, refer the employee to your company's designated physician. Using a preferred provider will help prevent employees from "doctor shopping."

2. Interview the injured employee for details of the accident.

3. Interview witnesses and obtain written statements. Pay attention to what other employees are saying to each other about the accident.

4. Investigate the scene for facts that corroborate or contradict the employee's account of the accident.

5. Enforce drug testing. It is important to have a policy in place that requires screening after an accident.

6. Stay in close contact with your injured employee. Contact makes an employee feel valuable and promotes an early return to work.

7. Implement modified duty when possible. Bringing an employee back to work can reduce costs and increase communication.

8. Fill out the Employer's First Report of Injury Form in detail, even if it requires an extra page.

9. Report any concerns to your adjuster as soon as possible. With early intervention, you can document information that may be lost, forgotten, or concealed later.

10. Educate your employees about workers compensation fraud and its consequences. Re-enforce that workers are the real victims of fraud. If your premiums are high, you can't afford raises, bonuses and other incentives.

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