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Restoration Insurance: Commercial Driving Safety Tips

Restoration contractors spend a lot of time on the road, traveling from job site to job site, delivering materials and visiting with clients. Also, did you know that the most expensive insurance claims we see with restoration contractors tend to come from auto accidents?

With that mind, we want to share 4 safety tips for keeping your drivers accident free on the road:

1. Be Prepared. Simply planning ahead can be one of the most effective ways for drivers to stay safe on the road. Drivers should make sure to carry a road hazard kit in their vehicle at all times with flares, jumper cables, fix-a-flat, and a disposable camera.

Restoration companies should also spend time training their drivers, as road conditions can dramatically change depending upon the weather or other conditions.

2. Stay Visible. Keeping your vehicles visible to others can go a long way in preventing an accident. Maintaining your visibility includes things as simple as driving with your headlights on and ensuring you are not in the blind spots of other drivers.

3. Be Smart while Behind the Wheel. Commercial vehicles are larger, which can often lead to more serious accidents. This means your drivers should take extra precautions like slowing down, maintaining a greater than normal following distance, recognizing changing road and weather conditions, and avoid distractions like cell phone usage while driving.

4. Take Caution. Fleet managers are crucial to driver and vehicle safety for restoration contractors. As dispatchers dictate where drivers needs to go, they need to properly plan ahead by setting realistic appointments their drivers can keep. Drivers should not feel rushed between deliveries/appointments.

Driver safety needs to be a company-wide initiative. Management must be on board and regularly express their desire to keep their employees safe from harm or accident.

If you would like to find out more about vehicle and driver safety for restoration contractors, please contact us to find out more.

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