Restoration Insurance Tips: What Does Additional Insured Mean?

For restoration contractors, an additional insured request is a common occurrence.   For any new job, the restoration contractor must usually provide a certificate of […]

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Insuring Property Away from your Premises

Did you know that property stored somewhere other than at your office premises may not be covered by your property insurance policy? Be sure […]

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Restoration Insurance Tips: Workers Compensation and Fall Protection

One of the most frequent workers compensation claims associated with restoration contractors is falls.   Employees falling off of ladders, scaffolding, or even roofs is […]

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5 Common General Liability Exclusions for Restoration Contractors

In most instances, the following claims are excluded on the general liability policy for restoration contractors: Damage to your property. Employee injuries. Employment disputes. […]

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Resotration Insurance Tips: Is There Insurance Coverage Available for Tools?

A contractor’s tools and equipment are often the lifeblood of their company.   Loss or destruction to their tools could mean a tremendous loss to […]

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