Why Does an Restoration Contractor Need Electronic Data Protection Insurance?

An often overlooked insurance coverage for restoration contractors is Electronic Data Protection insurance.   In the event of a claim this insurance can save you […]

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Restoration Insurance: Insuring your Tools

Tools and Equipment Coverage, also know as Inland Marine Insurance, is intended to protect property while in transit. Inland Marine protects mobile high risk […]

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Should Restoration Companies Check MVRs

Automobile liability poses a significant potential loss exposure to all business entities. Not just from a claims standpoint, but that a circumstance could arise […]

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Restoration Insurance: What is an installation floater?

So what exactly is Builder’s Risk insurance and where does an installation floater come in? Well, put simply…builder’s risk protects a contractor from a […]

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Restoration Insurance News: Understanding your Workers Compensation Experience Mod Part 2

Last week’s post briefly what your workers comp experience mod is and how it affects your premiums.   This week we will discuss the importance […]

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