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Restoration Insurance: Who is a Covered Driver?

Who is allowed to drive your restoration company vehicles and still be covered by your auto insurance policy? This is a coverage question we have been asked a number of times so we though we would shed some light on this question. Please keep in mind the information we provide will come from a standard auto policy and that every auto policy is different. Therefore it is extremely important that you talk with your agent to find the exact coverage your policy provides.

A standard auto policy includes as insureds on your policy you, the firm, and anyone else using a covered auto you own, hire or borrow with your permission.

Excluded drivers:

  • The owner or anyone else from whom you hire or borrow an auto.

  • An employee if the covered auto is owned by that employee or his family.

  • Persons working in an auto business that is not yours.

  • A partner if he or she owns the auto.

These exclusions may seem a little complex, but they are essentially excluding any vehicle or driver that is insured through another insurance policy.

Additional Excluded Drivers.

The following drivers may be excluded on your policy depending upon the insurance company:

  • Drivers under age 21 or 25 depending upon the policy.

  • Drivers with any major violation over the last 3-5 years (DUI, Reckless Driving, Suspended License)

  • Drivers with 2 or more minor violations over the last 3-5 years (Minor Speeding)

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