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Restoration Insurance Tips: Tips for Fire Claims

Recently there have been several wildfires throughout the country, many engulfing homes and destroying other property. While we certainly hope you never have to deal with the heartache and stress of losing your home or business to a fire, we would like to share some tips from the Insurance Commissioner's office on adequately dealing with a fire claim.

According to the commissioner's office, you should do the following immediately after a fire claim:

  • Once you gain access to your property, take pictures of the damage if the adjuster is delayed.

  • Make sure your address is visible. You may have to spray paint the lesson onto a sheet of plywood and put it on the road so the adjuster can find it.

  • If you are not at the property, let the adjuster know how to contact you.

  • Please do not dispose of the property until an insurance adjuster has reviewed it.

  • Save all receipts.

  • Avoid insurance adjusters and contractors with no valid license or use high-pressure tactics and require large deposits.

The commissioner's office recommends you do the following to prepare for any future potential claims:

  • Review your property insurance coverage to make sure you have adequate limits.

  • Record an inventory of your possessions.

  • Make sure you store a copy of your inventory at a separate location.

  • Save all receipts.

If you have any additional questions or would like us to help prepare your company against future claims, please get in touch with our office.



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